Marital Dissolution

Protecting Your Interests In A Florida Divorce

Divorce can be stressful for everyone involved. Attorney Chris E. Ragano and his legal team can help minimize the stress and protect your interests at a time when you are concerned about your future.


At The North Tampa Legal Group, P.A. our lawyers have handled numerous divorces for clients at all stages of the process. From our office in Tampa, we serve clients throughout Hillsborough County and the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. Call 813-295-7854 to schedule a consultation.


No Fault Does Not Mean No Conflict


While Florida is a no-fault state, this does not mean that you and your spouse will not have opposing interests. It simply means that you do not have to prove that one of you was at fault for ending the marriage based on a fault ground, such as infidelity or desertion.


Divorce can affect every aspect of your life: your children; your property and your income. Our law firm will make sure that your interests are protected:

t is always easier to do things right the first time, rather than make mistakes or omit issue only to find out that they are difficult and sometimes impossible to correct later. Our lawyers will assist you with careful planning. Our firm is detail-oriented, and will take the time to get it right the first time. With over 20 years of experience in this field, we have an expansive network of experts and resources to help you make the best decisions – for now and the future.


Looking for a more collaborative way to dissolve your marriage? We can help you by using cooperative divorce methods.


The stakes are always high in divorce and when coupled with the emotional toll that it takes, it is sometimes difficult to clearly maneuver your way through the divorce process. You deserve to have a law firm protect your best interests as if it were their own. To discuss divorce or any family law matter with an attorney at our firm, call 813-295-7854 or complete our contact form.


To discuss your family law concerns with a lawyer at our firm, call 813-295-7854.