Divorce Attorney For Professional Athletes

Divorce Attorney For Professional Athletes

Professional athletes face many unique challenges during the divorce process. In addition to sorting out the traditional questions of alimony and child custody, there are substantial assets to be allocated. While trying to take care of the very personal business of a divorce or other family law proceeding, the media is voraciously seeking information about your personal and financial affairs.


Tampa attorney Chris E. Ragano and his legal team offer knowledgeable and discreet representation to baseball players, hockey players and other athletes in the state of Florida. Our strong background in litigation has prepared our lawyers to step into the game on your behalf, acting as aggressive advocates to protect you, your children and your other interests including your career and income. We serve professional athletes throughout the state of Florida.


Protecting Your Assets


Most athletes and other public figures have multiple sources of income coming in on a temporary, seasonal or on a project-by-project basis. Royalties, sponsorships and public appearances can also add to the marital estate that must be divided. And often, many funds are held in retirement accounts.


During your divorce, we work with a team of experts to ensure that all appropriate assets are accounted for. When we have a thorough picture of all the marital property at issue, we are in the best position to fight for you to keep your hard-earned assets. When the trial is appropriate, we know how to present your case to a judge in a compelling way and maximize your chances for success.


Child Custody And Support For Football Players And Other Pro Athletes


For athletes who spend time traveling with their teams — and for their spouses — matters of child custody and parenting time can be difficult. We will aggressively protect your parental rights while pursuing a parenting arrangement that meets your needs and best serves your child.


Athletes and other celebrities have high incomes, and so they are often pursued for vast amounts of child support and alimony not always for valid reasons except that the income exists. We know how to pursue fair support agreements that work for our clients.

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